Battling the culture and growing in holiness - one rant at a time

Joe’s Charity and Freedom of Religion

September 22nd, 2016

Joe discuss a recent hardship that he is undertaking at this time and spreads his message of doing charitable works especially when you are in no position to do so.  

Later, Nick and Joe discuss 'freedom of religion' in America and what it means.  In theory it means anyone can practice whatever religion they see fit.  In practice it means you can practice any religion you see fit as long as it doesn't contradict American law.  And what is American law based on?  Well, as we can clearly see, whoever holds the power.  Can we not now see why the Catholic Church saw 'freedom of religion' as the simple nonsense that it is?  The American Constitution is correct when it says human beings are given their basic human rights by God, unfortunately, its up to the United States government to tell us exactly what those rights are and of course since this is Protestant is quite changeable what our God given rights are or God forbidden wrongs are as well for that matter.
Music: A Chunk of Lawn by Jahzzar
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